Technologies Are Enabling Solutions

I am constantly looking for new technologies that advance the cause of software development and usability.

When I started in this business 32 years ago, not much existed to help the software developer except a few magazines in print and vendor-specific user groups.  Open Source and The Internet together has changed all of that for good.  Now we can get anything we need, 24 x 7, free and unfiltered.

Here is a list of technologies that I currently have researched and recommend:

Many technologies exist out of necessity, due to some innovative software developer who needed a solution, could not find it, and went out to develop their own.  You should check out SourceForge.Net where you can find free software for almost any application.

I am not a staunch advocate ofn either the Java/SUN/Open Source world or the Micrsoft/C#/.NET Proprietary world – both have their places in this world.  I will say that I have seen successes from both camps, and getting these two worlds together is difficult at best.  JDBC is an example of where both sides have a vested interest, because ODBC existed in Microsoft’s world long before JDBC.  I use both JDBC and ODBC and because of my liking of bilingual things, I feel I can appreciate both approaches.


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