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Stuck in the Mud!

I am always looking for locations to kayak, so this morning I went down to the Wolf River bottoms at Houston Levee. I had heard that you could put your boat in there and kayak to Germantown Parkway, so i … Continue reading

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Tradition Is Innovation That Succeeded

“Tradition Is Innovation That Succeeded” I heard this thought inspiring quotation recently on one of my favorite public radio programs, The Splendid Table which airs on public radio here in Memphis on Sunday mornings.  I am usually in the car, headed … Continue reading

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The Overton Park Drum Circle

The Overton Park Drum Circle on Sundays has become a weekly event to look forward to here in Memphis.  Every Sunday from 2 PM onwards you can hear mesmerizing rhythms of people playing only drums, tambourines, cymbals, and djembes, in … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi at 30,000 Feet

Wi-Fi has arrived at where it should be! You can now surf the Internet for free on Delta Airlines while flying, using your laptop or 802.11 enabled mobile device. I am using it right now to compose this QuickPost. So … Continue reading

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