Art can another way of expressing an idea.  Leonardo Da Vinci was both an artist and an inventor, and I believe that these two thought processes overlapped continously.  Da Vinci was obviously gifted in many aspects, and represents one of the best of all free thinkers.

I also like the works of Claude  Monet, the founder of the French Impressionist movement in the 1870’s.  They mocked Monet and his peers at their first exhibition in 1871, but soon the whole world was marvelling at their works.

Closer to home, I have grown to appreciate Walter Anderson, eccentric artist of the Gulf Coast, whom my aunt actually knew.  Anderson painted nature, much like Monet, but he saw a more brilliant image of bold colors and lines than Monet.

Is art necessary?  If we are to be a civilized people, the answer is yes.


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