This summer I went by the downtown Farmer’s Market and within a few minutes of walking around the place,   I noticed a noticed a booth with my favorite colors in their

Granola Marketing at its best

Granola Marketing at its best

banner, drawing in the crowd with their tasty wares.  It was YIPPIE HIPPIE GRANOLA – and by coincidence, it was being run by a former co-worker of mine!

Those favorite colors were the tye dyed look of the 60’s, which of course symbolizes youthful rebellion and freedom – a topic which will always reign universal as a recurring theme.  It wasn’t exactly Woodstock, but it at least blotted out the reality of 2011 and our economic downturn for a few minutes, if nothing else.

I bought a bag and a snack bar made fo the same stuff, without a bit of hesitation – I was reeled in!   It turns out that it was very good, and healthy as well.  The owners of this business are the Ervins and they know their granola; they had a complete ingredient listing ready to quote for anyone to see.

Here are a few more shots of their product; I hope all of you will try it sometime, either online via their website, or it is more personalized if you go downtown on a Saturday morning and buy it at the Farmer’s Market, after a long bike ride on the Mississippi riverfront, which I also did that day, but that’s another blog post). 

By the way, here’s their URL –  http://www.yippiehippiegranola.com/

Happy Granola eating!

The Ervins - proprieters of Yippie Hippie Granola
The Ervins – proprieters of Yippie Hippie – More Granola peddling
the actual product

The actual product

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