A Personal Milestone – 50 Miles In One Day

The 50 Mile Journey

On September 2nd, 2011 I achieved a biking milestone, in which I completed 50 miles of peddling in temperatures that reached almost 100 degrees by the end of the ride, but yet I felt great and never too tired to keep going. 

Using a too-tall, all-aluminum bike that a co-worker recently gave me, I was able to go from Shelby Farms to Harbor Town and back, plus an added side trip to the Peddler bike shop on Highland.    This was done with the help and encouragement of another biking co-worker who set the pace. 

The Memphis Greenline provided the access through the city up to Tillman, which at that point it required the use of Broad Street to cross over into the Mid-town area.  Passing by the old Sears Crosstown building, I could see the rusting hunk of what was once the grand old store, looking like some forelorn mountain peak jutting out of a valley of equally quaint housing.

Upon reaching Harbortown, crossing via the Auction Street bridge, I peered down between the pilings to see the gleaming Memphis Harbor, which had been a previous conquest of mine just a few months earlier.

Passing back through Mid-Town, we crossed into the Vollitine-Evergreen neighborhood, where we encountered what turned out to be a small greenline that I had never even been on before.  We exited that greenline after a few blocks to travel up University street in order to return back to the main Memphis Greenline.  Passing by Cafe Eclectic, the scene of many a great vegetarian meals, we turned on to North Parkway to continue the ride, which required a pass through the odiferous Memphis Zoo area.

Upon returning to Shelby Farms where my PT Cruiser had remained parked all day, my co-worker’s GPS indicated that the total trip for me had reached 50 miles.  I felt that I had finally reached a pinnacle of some success in my biking pursuits. 

I would encourage you to bike your way to health – you’ll not regret it!

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