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Discovering The Origin Of A Word

Hola, abuelito mio, que tal? The translation of this simple phrase into English is ‘Hello my little grandfather, how are things?’.  we often take a word or phrase for granted, but there is a story behind the origin of every … Continue reading

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It’s Only Monet…

A relative of mine was hospitalized recently, so I got to spend some time visiting her and observing the surroundings that come with the hospital rooms of today.  Now I have not paid much attention to the quality of hospital … Continue reading

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The Go-Anywhere Kayak

Just yesterday I finally bought a kayak, having looked at them for months.  I have kayaked several times in the past year, and always enjoyed it tremendously.  The freedom and sense of independence that it offers is only equal to … Continue reading

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Where The Buffalo Roam…

Doesn’t everyone remember the words to ‘Home On The Range’?   That part where they sing, ‘give me a home, where the buffalo roam’, could be talking about a spot right here in Memphis, Tennessee. I am talking about none other … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Miso Soup

I really like Asian food but I don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen if it is not absolutely necessary.  Over the course of time I have developed some Asian and Indian recipes that will delivery almost … Continue reading

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You Can’t Change That Code, It’s Written In Stone

Nothing Is Written In Stone… I’ve been a software developer now for 33 years, since I was 21 (yes, you can do the math, I am old).  In the beginning of my career (circa 1978) we were called programmers, not … Continue reading

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The Secret Life Of Croutons

THE SECRET IS OUT ABOUT CROUTONS!   These innocent little additions to our salads actually have a shady past.  Recently declassified documents reveal a scientific background that put the crouton into its proper perspective. Croutons were not heard of until … Continue reading

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